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Industry Adviser

Mark Harmon holds the position of Compliance Assistance Specialist for OSHA out of the Erie, Pa office and was instrumental in starting Twin Tiers STEPS.

Executive Board Member

Joe Greco is President of BEG Group LLC 

The BEG Group mission: While erosion is a natural process, human activities have increased by 10-40 times the rate at which erosion is occurring globally. Excessive (or accelerated) erosion causes both 'on-site' and 'off-site' problems. On-site impacts include decreases in agricultural productivity and (on natural landscapes) ecological collapse, both because of loss of the nutrient-rich upper soil layers. In some cases, the eventual end result is desertification. Off-site effects include sedimentation of waterways and eutrophication of water bodies, as well as sediment-related damage to roads and houses. Water and wind erosion are the two primary causes of land degradation; combined, they are responsible for about 84% of the global extent of degraded land, making excessive erosion one of the most significant environmental problems world-wide.The BEG Group works on answers to the situation above!

Joe is also the NE Regional Adviser for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Western New York. and is a member of the National STEPS Advisory Board.

Twin Tiers STEPS Executive Board

Executive Board Member

Ralph Cecchetti has held the position of HSE Support for Shell Appalachia for over 5 years.  Shell’s Appalachia operations are located in the predominately rural northern and western portions of Pennsylvania, where they drill and produce dry gas from the Marcellus and Utica formations. Shell entered the area in 2010 after acquiring 750,000 leasehold acres from East Resources. They have since grown their acreage leasehold to approximately 850,000 acres primarily in Pennsylvania, with additional acreage in Ohio and New York.


Glenn Grenoble is a 26 year veteran of the Environmental, Health & Safety field. He has extensive experience in solving customer related issues involving Emergency Response, Waste Characterization, Transportation & Disposal/Recycling, Regulatory Agency Compliance, Training, Industrial Maintenance, EH&S and Consulting Services. 
Glenn is currently responsible for the coordinating of the Oil & Gas business sector for ACV Enviro as their Regional General Manager.

Vice President

Christen Dupre Davis has been employed with businesses related to the energy industry since 2006, beginning in administrative roles for a land service company, a refinery and then in an oil and gas exploration and production setting for a well-known global company. This provided a natural segue into the realm of Safety, Health, Compliance and Environmental where she was able to expand that role further at another Pennsylvania refinery. Each of these roles has led Christen to where she is today as she eagerly soaked up the knowledge and experience each position offered her.